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Your Wedding needs to be unique. At DJ-Scotland, we take pride in working with each client individually to create the wedding of your dreams. We listen to what you want and offer a variety of enhancements and services. Your wishes can come true no matter what your budget might be!

We don't only do weddings. Whether you're having a Family event, a Retirement party, an Anniversary, Birthday, or a Corporate event, we will make sure your guests are talking about the amazing time they had for many years to come. If you're hoping to have a one-of-a-kind event, you are in the right place!

We provide professional, friendly and very competitively priced DJ Services in Central Scotland. Music makes an event, and the best kind of music connects with the guests, however there are other elements that are equally important, your MC. No other entertainment industry professional working at your wedding, or a party can match the MCs range of skills. Quality DJ/MCs are trained to use both sides of their brain together; being organised and entertaining at the same time - a true multitasker! Imagine an elegant DJ, who can perform Event Host MCs duties - this is DJ-Scotland. After all, it is not what we do, It's how we do it!

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  • We give you the flexibility you require, including Virtual Events Online
  • Our DJ hire deposit is one of the lowest, if not the lowest in Scotland
  • We provide value for money. No other DJ provides as good and quality service for the same (or less) money
  • We believe in transparent pricing and no hidden costs
  • We keep the costs low and give you an opportunity to decide, what enhancement you would like to add. Everybody is different therefore we offer an extensive number of enhancements to meet different needs. We are happy to answer all your questions before you book about any of the enhancements
  • We do not overwhelm our clients with ideas, equipment, or knowledge, we support them
  • We understand your needs and with us, your rights are protected
  • All prices quoted to you are valid for 30 days
  • With us, you have 14 days of cooling-off period (after submitting your booking)
  • You can hold your reservation for up to 7 days for free (without booking)
  • You can change the date of hire but this will only be possible (subject to availability) when requested no later than 12 weeks prior to the hire date
  • You can make amendments to the booking contract but this must be made at least 30 days prior to the engagement date. Small changes can be made 10 days prior to the engagement. This request should be solely communicated in writing an email to
  • Customised Wedding DJ Booking allows you to replace and update your previous Standard Wedding DJ Booking submission for free up to 30 days before your wedding. This is especially useful when the booking is made early and not all information are available at the time of the booking. We are not aware that any other Wedding DJ company in Scotland offers this service!


  • Please check our availability before booking your event with us 
  • Communication is the key and we are great at listening (ideas, songs, event details)
  • We always take the time to meet with you before your event (if you wish so)
  • We will support you and answer any questions before and during the event
  • We believe in client's satisfaction and friendly relations at every stage of engagement with clients
  • Our Electronic Diary is linked to our diary, so you can check whether we are available
  • We don't use large and confusing customer logging-in systems to manage your event
  • Our Enquiry and Booking System turns into a contract, that will be automatically sent to your email address. With our booking system, you can shape your event and make it perfect. It encourages planning and detailed information management that enables us to deliver the best entertainment - just the way you want it. None of the questions we ask is irrelevant. From our experience, they are vital pieces of information that are required to deliver successful MC-lead entertainment. There is no need for a paper copy, as your booking is confirmed by email for your reassurance. This saves time and the natural environment. Our booking form is so meticulously designed and personalised that once completed you can even use it as your party / wedding planner, often called a run sheet. After booking, you will receive a copy of the booking form. 
  • You can request a paper copy of our booking form if you prefer a more traditional approach
  • You can book your songs during the booking process, or just request a song at the party via mobile phone online, or at the DJ Booth
  • We will work with you on selecting the right music for your event
  • Every celebration deserves great music. You can choose as much of the music as you wish. If this is overwhelming just list 30 of your favourite tracks to hear, 10 'must play' and 20 preferred tunes in the desired order to give us an idea of what you like, or just let us know what you like and we will make a set that you will love!
  • If a song for your special dance is too long or too short, we can edit the track in advance at no extra cost 
  • All small audio editing is free for our clients, so if you want to make a memorable music mix, we will do it for free e.g. First Dance Mash-up.


  • We are working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) and have suitable procedures in place
  • We deliver quality entertainment including early set up before you & your guests arrive
  • We will have a copy of your booking form on your event to ensure the quality
  • We will keep everything looking neat and organised 
  • We work with the other staff at your event venue
  • We are a fully insured and our equipment is PAT tested
  • We will provide professional Event Host MC service during your event. During the booking process, you can even choose how much involvement would you like from your DJ. We offer a variety of MC styles; from clean, concise, clear, and clutter-free communication to storytelling and lengthy introductions.
  • We will deliver outstanding live mixing as well as mix pre-recorded music
  • We will control DJ lights from completely still and dramatic to totally wild and raving
  • We will turn up suitably dressed for the occasion
  • We will entertain your guests with party games (if requested on the booking form)
  • We will play music at multicultural events in different languages if requested
  • We will treat your event the way we would treat our own: with decorum, manners, and a professional attitude
  • We will use sound controlled LED lights, laser, LED colour washes to create a fantastic party vibe which gets everyone on the dance floor, having fun and enjoying themselves
  • We will inspire your guests and provide a few surprises (disco hat, special song requests, sing along if required) 
  • We will play the music you love and won't play the music you don't want to hear at your event
  • We will be ready to connect ours, or your own instruments if you decide to play or sing at your event (yes, we have seen all this before)
  • We will be there to guide you and give you friendly and professional advise on what music goes well with different parts of the event
  • We will be flexible and ready to satisfy even most unexpected, or rare song requests (as long as they will suit the event) 
  • We know how to get people dancing and we love to do it. This isn't just our work, it's our passion
  • We are LLL's (Life Long Learners), who are always looking to learn something new
  • We are proud to be your DJ, and we show it


  • We will be polite, approachable and put you and your guests at ease
  • We will liaise with your venue prior to the event 
  • We will be available to you during the event for discussing your musical requirements or indeed anything else related to your entertainment
  • We will use existing, or supply high-grade equipment
  • We will have wireless microphones for your speeches
  • We will check music volume on the dance floor with professional Digital Decibel Level Meter (every venue requires different mixer settings due to its shape, size, number of guests). This will allow everyone to enjoy the music fully and safely at a suitable volume level, not too loud and not too quiet  
  • We will adjust the sound levels during different parts of the event to make it suitable for each part
  • We will work with the venue to make sure we will not exceed the Sound Limiter level (if installed)
  • We will use headphones and professional audio monitor switching system together with a DJ controller and a laptop with powerful DJ software to be in charge of every tune that is being played 
  • We will use a studio-grade mixer with micro amplifiers to add warmth to every song we play
  • We will use high power full-range speakers that will truly represent all instruments, beats and vocals in every song
  • If requested we can add studio valves, chorus or a gentle delay to the signal chain to make the sound truly unique and extend the sound spectrum
  • We will have insurance and all equipment will be PAT (Portable Appliance Test) tested
  • We will use professional sound samples and FX recorded in our studio, or obtained from legal sources
  • We will have a backup plan in place ahead of the event to ensure your event is perfect (mixer, music source, speakers, laptop, cables, connectors)
  • We will provide tasteful, subtle and professional lighting to illuminate your event
  • We will work from the designated area, or supply and work from a professional DJ booth
  • We will provide song request cards for everybody to participate and request songs 
  • We will also take verbal requests from your guests and ensure that they are professionally mixed into the music set
  • We know how to creatively use DJ controller, DJ software, mixer, microphone, DJ lights and most of all perform the music, not just play it
  • We will interact with, and responds to your audience – you’re guaranteed a great night of entertainment
  • We will ensure that the main focus is on you and your guests unless advised otherwise e.g. special guest, product, delegates, background music
  • We will have breakdown cover to make sure we arrive at the event in case of a car break down


  • Professional DJ Training
  • Trained in Event Host MC (How To Be A Cutting Edge Emcee - Pete Miller)
  • Advanced Diploma in Wedding Planning - Level 5 Trainning (Professional Wedding Planner, CPD Acredited - under training)
  • Professional DJ and MC literature, webinars and magazines
  • Trained in Critical Bride & Groom Advice
  • Trained in Steps to a Fantastic Voice
  • Trained in Music Production
  • PVG Scheme Check (Protection of Vulnerable Groups - Children)
  • Trained in Children Party Games
  • Trained to Work with Children, Carers, Older People and Vulnerable People
  • Trained in ASIST (Certificate)
  • Trained in Child Protection (Certificate)
  • Trained in First Aid at Work (Certificate)
  • Trained in COSHH (Certificate)
  • Trained in Fire Safety Awareness (Certificate)


  • Risk Assessment (available on request)
  • Operation Method Statement (available on request)
  • Liability Insurance


  • Scottish Wedding Directory Forum
  • You and Your Wedding (Wedding Forum)
  • Mobile Disco Directory (Largest DJ UK Forum)
  • DJ TechTools (The largest community for digital DJs, producers and live performers)
  • Virtual DJ Pro Infinity Licence (Software & Community)
  • Pro Mobile (Magazine)
  • Digital DJ Tips (The Global DJ School)

With us you don't just book a DJ, you book the whole Mobile Music Studio with Entertainment Production Professional that will provide the first-class Event Host MC service. You deserve the peace of mind knowing that you have booked a Professional!

Wherever your entertainment needs are, we have you covered!



-> Wedding DJ

-> Party DJ

-> Children's Party DJ

-> Children's Coding Party <- NEW!

-> Karaoke DJ

-> Corporate Event DJ


Special requirements

There are times when stock music just won't do the job. Maybe you can't find the feel you need or you need bespoke music exclusively for your use. Please feel free to email us if you have any editing / production requirements not mentioned here. Your event, your way!

We work for you, independently 

Please note - We do not operate as a DJ Agency or take bookings to pass on to other DJ’s, or other businesses. When you book DJ-Scotland to provide your entertainment, it will be DJ-Scotland that provides the sound, lights and a professional DJ, not anyone else.

Information is the key to success

In order to deliver the best experience we need information, that's why during the booking process we will ask you many details about your event e.g. Times, Guest Count, Event Objective / Feel / Atmosphere and even the Dress Code!


Find out how we can make your wedding amazing and check our availability!


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